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The Buffy and Angel RPG message boards over at the Eden Studios site are host to several highly entertaining threads in which comic book and movie characters are wolded into the Buffyverse (usually by way of Eden’s other games, Witchcraft and Armageddon, and usually by the talented Thom Marrion).  I keep meaning to contribute my own ideas and not getting around to them, so I thought I’d better get started (since I don’t have Nightmare Town to hand and can’t reference character names for the next review).

One thread has already done him, but here’s my “Buffywolding” of Lupin III.

LUPIN III – Played by Yusaku Matsuda

(I would have used a mixed-heritage actor if I could find one who was appropriate, but finding one who isn’t a martial artist is kind of hard.  Dean Cain, Mark Dacassos, and Brandon Lee just don’t seem right.)

Arsene Lupin III” is no more this infamous thief’s true name than “Arsene Lupin” was the name of his celebrated grandfather.  His true name remains unknown.

Lupin III is the son of Jean Lupin, Arsene’s son by his wife (and cousin) Clarisse d’Etigues, and the infamous Taisho-era criminal, the Black Lizard.  Jean Lupin was abducted by Josephine Balsamo, the infamous Countess of Cagliostro, and raised as part of her criminal organization in an intricate plot of revenge against Arsene Lupin.  While his father defeated the Cagliostro organization and freed his son from its thrall, Arsene Lupin did not tell his son of his true heritage out of a misguided attempt to inspire his son to become an honest man.  Instead, Jean Lupin drifted east to French Indochina and eventually Japan, pursuing the criminal life that was all he knew.  Eventually he fell in with the female crime boss known as the Black Lizard, a woman he could love and fear.

The man who would call himself Lupin III was born late in their short and tumultuous marriage.  Jean Lupin had by now discovered many of his late father’s secrets and used them to supplant his wife’s role in their gang.  There is little reason to believe she survived Lupin III’s infancy. 

Lupin III spent his early years in the lap of decadent luxury, watching his father plot his villainous schemes.  When the precocious Lupin III seduced one of Jean Lupin’s mistresses, everything changed; Lupin III was abandoned in an orphanage, believing his father to be dead.  This indeed nearly happened; a conspiracy between the Japanese Nezumi crime clan and Fantomas’ group decimated the upstart Lupin Organization and Jean Lupin went into hiding.  Lupin III spent the rest of his formative years in poverty, dreaming of the luxury he had once known and the soft caresses of beautiful women.

More to come…

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