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... Meaning ideas based on public domain characters, not that my ideas are public domain. All of these ideas are copyright me 2006.

(Where's the Lone Ranger? I don't have access to my notes or the book I was going to review, so that will be next time.)

There are a lot of sequels to Victorian fiction appearing on the bookshelves recently, so here's some of my ideas.

BRIDE OF DRACULA (or HARKER): There've been several books about Mina's life after Dracula, but what about Jonathan? Many commentators agree the true threat of Dracula in the novel isn't how he affects the women, but how he threatens the sexuality of the male characters. This novel would be about Jonathan's gradual, irreversible descent into Victorian London's seemy underworld and would feature prostitutes, opium dens, and Oscar Wilde.

SON OF DRACULA: Quincy Harker, son of Jonathan and Mina, joins the Lost Generation as he searches for the truth behind his parentage. Psychologically, if not biologically, he is Dracula's child, shaped by the events of that autumn of 1887. Biologically, though, is he really Jonathan's son? Or was there more to it when Mina wrote that all of her "saviors" were Quincy's fathers?

DARLING: The kids from PETER PAN are all grown up. Michael has died in the Great War. John (was that his name?) roams Limehouse seeking the forbidden pleasures of the orient, a beautiful Indian maiden and an otherworldly pixie stuck in his mind. Wendy meets Michael's former captain, an embittered fellow named James with a horrible case of survivor's guilt . . . and a missing hand. They fall in love, of course.
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