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I write this blog on Wednesdays because I’m a very slow writer (but pretty fast typist) and Wednesday is the day my wife is at work the longest.  We’re homebodies without many friends and no children, so when we’re physically together there’s an emotional … pressure … to spend time together and do things together.  Writing is not a together activity, and so I’ve been constrained by a love that borders on the co-dependent to go without my blog since Thanksgiving because she’s either been off work or I’ve been handling holiday errands. 

I’m not going to let this happen again.

Since I’ve sent out into cyberspace almost all of the orphaned (aborted?) ideas I’ve come up with over the last few decades, I think I’ll be moving this blog to a format where I can more formally practice writing.  I’ll begin emphasizing reviews (like my e-heroes Todd Alcott and Dr. Hermes) and try to get several small pieces posted each week rather than one long one.

I’ve set a New Year’s resolution to write a full-length novel (no matter how bad it is) by the end of the year.  My original plan was to write two pages a day so I would have a 360-odd page manuscript by the middle of the year and then spend the second half revising it.  This worked for less than a week, but today I begin anew.  The original attempt featured Tamlin Mackenzie (seen in a story fragment earlier in this blog) but I had no idea for a plot and the whole thing burnt out.  Today I have to decide if this new attempt should be a pseudo-historical story about a ninja geisha who falls in love with the Meiji revolutionary she’s secretly guarding or a multi-generational epic pulp magazine/comic book pastiche about a woman who reincarnates throughout the ages (and adventure pulp genres) to battle the evils of a Cthulhu-worshipping Atlantis.  They’re both ideas originally conceived as RPG campaigns; I’ll probably go with the latter because the unplayed game could never be quite as crazy as the story in my head.

And speaking of pulps, here are two Half-Told Tales that had been buried deep in my memory for years:

Inamorata was an idea for a novel that provided some basis for the multi-generational epic mentioned above.  The idea, if I remember correctly, was more like a “First Wives’ Club” for pulp heroes’ girlfriends and femme fatales; thinly-disguised versions of Jane Porter, Pat Savage, Margo Lane, Nita Van Sloan, Selina Kyle, and a few others share tales of their fascinating and frustrating lives with the great heroes, revealing themselves to be powerful heroines in their own right.  I think part of the idea was also to have a framing device in which they battled the immortal Ayesha, She Who Must Be Obeyed.  It’s still a decent idea.  Maybe Monkeybrain Books would be interested.

Me, Jane would be a companion to Philip Jose Farmer’s Tarzan Alive, detailing the full story of Tarzan’s mate from her point of view.  For some reason I can’t help but imagine her living at a cheetah preserve in Texas and looking like a better-preserved Bo Derek.  It would be hard to stop myself from writing a scene in which the journalist interviewing her tastes the fruits of her flesh; after all, Tarzan was constantly ditching her in the later books and running around on his own.  I can’t help but think she’d get lonely, and that the long years (because, like her husband, she is practically immortal) would have loosened her late-Victorian morals.  *Sigh…*

Anyway…  Next time (which might be later today) a review of Dashiell Hammett’s short story “Nightmare Town.”

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